Author: Lidia F. Trujillo

Dating Never Ends

Dating is one of God’s ways to get to know someone better especially your partner, through dating you get to know more of them, you get to know more about the person’s interests, likes, dislikes and maybe even more. Once you’ve known better about that individual, that person that you wanted to share your time and days with together, you get to take a step up the ladder for your relationship and indeed get together as a couple. Though honestly speaking, dating doesn’t have to stop after you have established a commitment to each other, no. dating just doesn’t...

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Dating Isn’t Only Meant For a Pair

Dating doesn’t only mean two people getting to know each other to begin a relationship with. Dating also comes in pairs and in groups. Yes, you read it right. Dating does come in pairs, it comes in different ways. For example, a double date. A double date happens when two pairs of lovers go out together and spend the time to get to know each other better, just like what best of friends do. In order for them to get to know his or her best friends date, they usually go out or plan on dates together. Double dating...

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Defining Activities on the Beach are Swimming and Bathing

Amager Beach is a popular area for sunbathing, swimming, walking and having picnic. The long sandy beach is bounded by Kastrup International Airport and the Øresund Bridge in the south, Amager suburb to the west and industrial areas to the north. Amager Beach stretches in the direction south-southeast – north-northwest facing the strait of water, Øresund, between Denmark and Sweden.   In between the urban context the beach stretches for a long distance and meets the water at influx transitions. In this landscape I wanted to work with a structure that would thematize the beachs’ characteristics, functions and materiality....

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The Use of Courting

How good at you in courting? Some people say that courtship is the process wherein you get to know the purpose of the guy towards you. You get to know the real character of the guy, you get to see who he really is as a son, a citizen, a brother, or as an individual. But, is that really the case? Do men really show their real selves during the courting period? What do you think? Personally, I think not. That is not the case. [read the review on How To Court A Woman Properly] Men know that the...

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